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“I’ll be around”: Even after leaving the head coach’s position, Bruce Arians says he is always available to help out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians has claimed that he always available to help out the Bucs

Bruce Arians

The Bucs had quite a dramatic offseason this time around. First, the Bucs were ecstatic as their star QB Tom Brady decided to take the field after announcing his retirement just weeks ago. Then there were speculations about Brady’s possible rift with head coach Bruce Arians which everyone in the Bucs camp denied and finally, it all ended with Bruce deciding to call it quits.

Arians went on to claim that his relationship with Brady was great and stated that he called it quits even after the Bucs were shaping up nicely so that Todd Bowles can have a legitimate chance of winning the title.

“I lost 50 pounds during the season”: Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians

According to NFL.com, Arians recently stated that even after stepping down from the head coach’s position, he is always available to help out everyone on the team. “It’s whoever needs help, I’m helping,” Arians said. “The owner needs something done, Byron wants me to help him with a red-zone package, I’ll do it. Todd, situational football, I’ll do it,” he added.

Arians also commented on his physical fitness and claimed that he feels “great” physically. The biggest reason behind it is the weight Arians has dropped recently. Bruce stated that he has “lost 50 pounds during the season.” This has happened when the former Bucs HC tore his Achilles while running in the pool a little while ago.

Without a doubt, Arians has done a commendable job for the Bucs and he deserves all the credit in the world. Now he has passed the baton to Todd Bowles who has had a rather forgettable stint as a head coach in the past. However, with the kind of talent on the side and the fact that Brady is back, it won’t be wrong to say that Arians has done all he could to gift Bowles a golden opportunity to rise and shine as a head coach.

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