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“He has to figure out how to be a better leader” Bucky Brooks claims that personality differences led to Carson Wentz being traded

Carson Wentz is now done in Indianapolis after just one season. Given that he only got the one season and what the Colts gave up for him, Bucky Brooks believes off-the-field issues lead to the trade.

Carson Wentz and Bucky Brooks

The Indianapolis Colts recently elected to trade their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, back to the NFC East where he’ll play for the Washington Commanders. Given the fact that they traded for him just one year ago, the move was certainly a bit surprising.

In his one season as the starter, Carson Wentz started all 17 games and led the team to a 9-8 record. He threw for 3563 yards, 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Those aren’t show-stopping numbers but they certainly are not bad.

Carson Wentz

Wentz was a more than adequate player especially when you consider that the Colts’ offense was led by their rushing game and Jonathan Taylor. The deal for Wentz involved the Colts receiving a 2nd and 3rd round pick as well as another 3rd rounder that could become a 2nd.

Those picks certainly are good value but are they good enough that it warrants moving on from a quarterback that you traded a 3rd round pick and conditional 2nd that turned into a 1st? Bucky Brooks provided his analysis of the move.

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Bucky Brooks believes Carson Wentz wasn’t the leader the Colts wanted

Carson Wentz

Appearing on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ Bucky Brooks was quoted saying “Quarterbacks are given diva privileges but you still have to be the common man in the locker room. You have two teams that advocated for you(Carson Wentz). The Philadelphia Eagles had every reason to make sure that you were successful. They paid him a bunch of money and they moved on to Jalen Hurts. One of the reasons is his connectivity really mattered.”

Brooks further added “Then you go to Indianapolis and you drop him and there were conversations in the middle of the year that they were gonna move on. There has to be something to it. There’s some kind of disconnect between Carson and either the players or the coaches. It’s one of those things that he has to solve.”

Brooks concluded with “Now he doesn’t have an advocate in the building so he has to figure out how to be a better player and leader to be the franchise quarterback that many want him to be.”

With Carson Wentz out of the picture, the Colts now have to look at their options to find a new quarterback for 2022. Whether they look to use the picks they just got to chase after Jimmy Garoppolo or look to free agency, they have to figure it out soon.

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