“SHOCKING”: NFL Twitter furious after Cam Heyward punches Justin Herbert in the stomach during the Steelers vs Chargers game

Here's how Twitter reacted when Steelers defensive end Cam Heyward appeared to be throwing a punch at Justin Herbert.

Justin Herbert and Cam Heyward
Justin Herbert and Cam Heyward

After an agonizing loss against the Bears by a deficit of two points, the Steelers were desperate for a win. However, they again failed to get the better of the opposition under extreme pressure in their next game against the Lions which ended in a tie.

Needless to say, the Steelers wanted to put up an impressive performance against the Chargers. They did play relatively well, however, again they were unable to cross the finish line and ended up losing another close shave by 41-37. Chargers’ star quarterback Justin Herbert played a huge role in taking the game away from the Steelers.

“It should have been an ejection”: Twitter not happy with Heyward punching Herbert in the stomach

Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert

The star QB ran all over the Pittsburgh Steelers despite several attempts to get him down. In the fourth quarter, Herbert broke one for 36 yards, however, he was chased down by Cam Heyward. Hayward actually did well to stay with the play and caught Herbert.

However, post that, Heyward was not in a hurry to get off the quarterback. Moreover, when wide receiver Joshua Palmer tried to get him off Herbert, Heyward actually pushed him away and then moved towards Herbert, appearing to punch him in the stomach.

This attracted a lot of flak from the spectators and netizens. Heyward drew a penalty for his actions. While some claimed that Heyward was off-balance and exhausted and wasn’t trying to hurt Herbert, others opined that this is not what is expected from a player like Heyward.

When the incident happened, it appeared to be out of view for the officials. It will be interesting to see if the NFL decides to take another look at what transpired. Meanwhile, the Chargers will be pretty satisfied with their performance as they were able to corner the Steelers at the end.

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