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“There’s no way Brady is coming back to play unless…”: Chris Broussard reveals the only reason why Tom Brady might continue to play

Here's what Chris Broussard had to say about Tom Brady's retirement speculations.

Tom Brady and Chris Broussard

Tom Brady is an absolute legend of the game. The experienced campaigner changed the fortunes of the New England Patriots early on in his career and has done something similar for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well. He guided them to a Super Bowl win in 2021.

In this season as well, Brady has led the Bucs from the front. Despite the Antonio Brown controversy and all the drama around it, the Bucs have continued to play well and a lot of credit goes to Tom Brady for handling the situation very maturely.

“I think he will be back next year”: Chris Broussard

Tom Brady

Even at 44, Brady is delivering magical performances. However, it is also true that the legend is in the final phase of his career. Talking about when Brady might say goodbye to the game, Chris Broussard made a few interesting points on First Things First.

I do think Brady would like to sit back this off-season and see what they do next year,” Chris said, adding that he might aid Bruce Arians when it comes to roping in new talent. “At this stage, there’s no way Tom Brady is coming back to play unless he fully believes, we can win another Super Bowl. That’s the only reason he’s playing,” Chris further added.

He claimed that Brady himself has stated that he doesn’t want to be on the field when he starts stinking. “I think he will be back,” Chris further said, adding that Brady has claimed he wants to play till he is 45 which he will be next year. Moreover, his individual numbers are fantastic this season and he is also under contract. All these reasons do suggest that Brady might come back next year.

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