“This is business”: Chris Broussard says what happened with Baker Mayfield is unfortunate but that’s how NFL works

Here's what Chris Broussard said about Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns were expected to make some changes after having a disastrous 2021 season and one man who particularly had terrible outings one after the other was Baker Mayfield. Baker was expected to guide his side to wins, however, throughout the season he failed to find his rhythm.

As a result, he was trolled mercilessly and speculations started arising that the Browns might want to release him. Although it isn’t clear where Baker will end up, the Browns have signed Deshaun Watson and are all set to trade Mayfield in the near future.

“Everybody knew Browns were looking for other elite QBs”: Chris Broussard on Baker Mayfield’s situation

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield

Just a while ago, Mayfield talked in detail about his experience with the Browns on the YNK Podcast. He said that although he doesn’t regret his stay at Cleveland, he does feel disrespected. Talking about Baker’s condition, Chris Broussard had a few things to say on “First Things First.”

Everybody knew, including Baker’s representation, that they were going to kick the tires on elite QBs. If the representatives didn’t tell Baker that it’s their fault,” Chris Broussard said, adding that this might look harsh but this is exactly how business works across leagues.

The one place where Baker Mayfield was disrespected was when they decided to meet Deshaun Watson and Baker found out through the media. It’s unfortunate, that’s how we go. Things leak and you cannot control them when they leak. Maybe it leaked from Deshaun’s representation or whatever,” he added.

However, Baker needs to recognize that this is the business. The bottom line is that the business of the NFL is about production and if you are not an elite level producer in your craft, then they are always going to look elsewhere,” Baker further stated.

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