“He has an ability to carry CHAOS” – Colin Cowherd believes Derek Carr is one of the top 12 QBs capable of winning the Super Bowl

Colin Cowherd places Raiders QB Derek Carr amongst the Top 12 signal-callers in the NFL that are capable of winning the Super Bowl

Derek Carr and Colin Cowherd
Derek Carr and Colin Cowherd

The biggest news of the week just came in Las Vegas just a few hours back. The Las Vegas Raiders have extended QB Derek Carr to a 3-year, $121.5 million deal.

This whopping deal also includes a ‘no-trade clause’ which gives Carr total control over where he lands if he gets traded from the Raiders. Derek Carr is now the sixth highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

Derek Carr achieved a lot more with the little resources available to him in the 2021 season

Derek Carr 3
Las Vegas Raiders’ start quarterback Carr

Colin Cowherd on his talk show talked about Derek Carr’s new deal and believes the Raiders QB is capable of winning the Super Bowl. “It’s gonna be $40 million per year which is probably more than I’d love to pay him but this is the economy of the NFL today,” Cowherd said. “I’ve had a theory for years in the NFL. You have to have a top 12 QB in the NFL to win a Super Bowl. Not just get there, to win a Super Bowl.”

Cowherd is confident that Carr is one of the twelve quarterbacks capable of winning the Super Bowl. “Derek Carr this year had an interim coach, had maybe the poorest owner in the league, lost his star receiver, had a bad O-line, Darren Waller was out his best player, he carried all of it in a pretty rough division to the playoffs,” Cowherd continued his praises for the 31-year old Hollywood QB. “Derek Carr has shown an ability to carry chaos to the playoffs.”

Derek Carr had amassed a career-high 4,804 yards for 23 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in the 2021 season. He set franchise records for passing attempts, passing completions, and passing yards. His overtime win against the LA Chargers was one of the most exciting games that advanced the Raiders to the playoffs.

Carr’s performance has spoken volumes and Cowherd might not be too far off his opinion. Let’s see how the Raiders fair in the 2022 season.

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