“Absolutely ridiculous”: Colin Cowherd disappointed with Aaron Rodgers getting MVP over Joe Burrow

Colin Cowherd was not happy with Joe Burrow being completely overlooked for the MVP award.

Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers
Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. Year after year, the Green Bay Quarterback has been absolutely fantastic. This time as well, he churned out wonderful numbers which prove that he is indeed one of the best in the business at this point.

However, those who know Rodgers are well aware of his love to make the headlines, something that has resulted in relentless trolling. May it be his vaccine lie or his expert analysis on Covid treatment, the man has never kept away from letting everyone know exactly what he thinks.

“Burrow to Bengals is what Keanu Reeves is to John Wick franchise”: Colin Cowherd

Joe Burrow smoking cigar after winning the national championship
Joe Burrow smoking cigar after winning the national championship

This sort of behavior has done more harm than good to Rodgers’ overall reputation which is exactly why many people were not happy when he was named the MVP for the second consecutive season. However, Colin Cowherd reckons that even if we keep the controversies at bay, Rodgers did not deserve to win the MVP.

Aaron Rodgers won the MVP, I know you thought this is going to be a vax thing, but this is incredible, Joe Burrow did not even finish in the top 3 and I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Aaron is great, I am not anti-Aaron or Brady, but let’s just be clear, it is not the most valuable player award, it’s a stat award,” Colin said.

Colin went on to add that people in the media who vote for the MVP have no idea what valuable actually means in football. “Let’s call this most impressive statistical season award,” Colin claimed, adding that how valuable a player is must be judged by what he has done in lifting the team.

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Before Burrow, the Bengals were a laughing stock in Ohio,” he stated. Colin also stated that what Robert Downey is to Avengers, Rodgers is to the Packers. A major part of the franchise but there are other actors who can pull off the role. However, Burrow for Bengals is what Keanu Reeves is to the John Wick franchise, no one can make it work apart from him.

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