“You don’t understand economics,” Colin Cowherd slams Dallas Cowboys for overpaying players

Colin Cowherd does not agree with Dallas Cowboys' philosophy of paying Dak Prescott $45 million as wages because he's not that great a quarterback, as the franchise struggles to get its salary cap within limits.

Colin Cowherd and Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are going through a tough period at the moment. After their shock defeat against the San Franciso 49ers in the Wild card, which ended their dreams of a Super Bowl appearance.

After the defeat, the talk was around what the franchise would do to make them into Super Bowl contenders once again, but so far they have struggled to make inroads, due to their financial struggles. The Dallas Cowboys are a little more than $21 million above the cap and are finding it difficult to offer new contracts to key players ahead of the season.

Colin Cowherd believes Dallas Cowboys’ Dak prescott should earn much less as he’s not a “great quarterback”

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Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is one of the players who has a whopping contract, and it has hindered their prospects of freeing up space in the salary cap. Colin Cowherd vented out his anger on the Dallas Cowboys, who will in probability, now have to lose the services of their wide receiver Amari Cooper.

“I never understand this argument, the cap is going up next year so you can overpay for this bloke. I don’t think you quite understand how economies work,” said Colin Cowherd on his Friday night show the Herd.

Cowherd said on Dak Prescott’s current contract, “This is why you don’t pay Zeke 2 years early, and also why you don’t pay Dak Prescott- Mahomes money. There’s never a time when Dak should make what Mahomes does… The cap’s going up so let’s pay more for a B quarterback.”

“They faced a wildcard team at home in the playoffs and lost. Stop telling me all you economists out there that you’ll pay. There’s never a time to pay average players great money.”

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

“Dak is a good quarterback franchise, and he’s not great, he’s not special, he’s not Mahomes, Josh Allen talent, not like Russell Wilson. He has a lot of non-tangibles I like, but his tangibles are a lot below Mahomes.”

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