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“It’s unfair to make him a scapegoat”: After trading him to Commanders, Colts HC Frank Reich says Carson Wentz was NOT solely responsible for the team’s disappointing season

Here's what Colts Head Coach Frank Reich recently said about Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz and Frank Reich

The Indianapolis Colts had a rather disappointing season last time around. They started off poorly by losing three games on the trot. Although they were able to find some momentum after that but in crunch games, they failed to deliver and hence, couldn’t find a place in the playoffs.

As soon as the season ended, it was obvious that the Colts will make a few changes in personnel as they aren’t known for showing too much patience when it comes to backing their quarterbacks. As a result, the ax fell on Carson Wentz who started every game for them in the previous season.

“I love Carson Wentz, he’s a brother to me”: Frank Reich

Carson Wentz

The Colts sent Wentz to the Washington Commanders and roped in Matt Ryan. In fact, Matt is set to become the Colts’ fifth starting quarterback in as many years. Despite releasing Wentz, Colts’ head coach Frank Reich reckons that it isn’t fair to hold only Wentz responsible for the team’s dismal show.

During an interaction with NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, Reich claimed that Carson actually played a lot of good football. “We did a lot of good things as a team, he did a lot of good things as a quarterback. Three quarters of the year we were one of the teams to beat, one of the teams everybody was talking about,” he said.

Then we had a pretty big time collapse in the last two weeks of the season and we all take responsibility for that, starting with me as a head coach. What would be unfair is to make Carson the scapegoat,” Reich claimed, adding that he is sure that Wentz will reach great heights while playing for the Commanders.

I love Carson. He’s a brother to me. I’ll always love him, always pull for him,” Reich said. “I know he’s going to succeed. I believe a lot in him. It was just one of those things. You thought it was going to be a storybook finish where we kind of get reunited and he can kind of relaunch his career in a new place and that didn’t work out. That’s life sometimes. It’s hard. It’s hard, personally,” Reich stated.

It will be interesting to see how Wentz performs for the Commanders. Moreover, Matt Ryan would be under a lot of pressure as well while featuring for the Colts as they probably won’t take too long before trading him if he fails to prove his worth.

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