“He can’t be my quarterback”: Cris Carter tears Down at Tua Tagovailoa

This is what Cris Carter had to say about the entire fiasco at the Miami Dolphins as the team slumps to their latest defeat.

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Vetting a quarter who has been an erstwhile first-round draft pick will always be spawning a few intriguing remarks. The opinions are always split into two factions, one being in favour of giving more time to the man in question while the others passing their stringent verdicts on why he should not be making the final cuts anymore.

However, for Tua Tagovailoa, the instance is a bit different as he is already in his second season for the Dolphins, he is still to get his maiden start. Erstwhile Hall of Fame wide receiver, Cris Carter believes that Tua was never the answer to Miami’s glaring woes. They were drubbed by the Jacksonville Jaguars in their latest encounter that eventually became the maiden victory for the Jaguars in the season.

This is what Cris Carter had to say about the Miami Dolphins quarterback

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"He can't be my quarterback": Cris Carter tears Down at Tua Tagovailoa 2

The Dolphins are ailing in the rock-bottom of the AFC East standings where they have bagged just one victory and been defeated a staggering five times. Carter was heard quoting on ‘Good Morning Football’, “I like Tua. He’s a nice guy, but he can’t be my quarterback moving forward. I gotta be able to make the trade. I’ve got the picks, and I’m gonna get me a guy. [Do] you know the reason why? Because I can’t replace that whole offensive line, but if I trade for Deshaun Watson, I can have a bad offensive line, and he can get around with it.”

Moreover, Cris Carter has been blatant about his belief that the Dolphins should be trading Watson for a while now. Sadly, for them, he is currently at the receiving end of sexual assault allegations from 22 women. If proven, this can prove to be a denting blow to the Dolphins. Barely with many names left, Dolphins will still have to find a quarterback for themselves.

Tua hasn’t really been questionable but the numbers that he has posted haven’t really been enviable. However, he is not the one who is accentuating the woes of Miami. The offensive line has been a fiasco while the defensive line has bigger leaks than the craters on the moon. Drop a pint of injury to the list as the veteran receivers and the coaching staff has copped substantial hurts.

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