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“He Had It Coming”: Dak Prescott fined heavily for praising fans who threw trash at the refs

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has been fined for his comments on the refs after the game against the 49ers.

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys weren’t able to get past the 49ers in the Wild Card Playoff game and as expected, a lot of fans were left fuming. The Cowboys failed to deliver anything in the first and third quarters which allowed the 49ers to get on top of the game.

A dejected Dak Prescott came to attend the post-game press conference where he talked about the instance when Cowboys fans were throwing trash at their own players. Dak said that it was tough to absorb the hate from the fans. However, when he was told that the fans might have been aiming for the refs, Dak stated, “f***ing credit to them then.

Prescott fined $25k for his comments on the referees

Dak Prescott

Prescott’s comments led to widespread condemnation as people were not expecting a senior player to utter such words in a press meet. Even the NBA referees issued a statement condemning Dak’s comments and asked NFL to take strict action. “The NBRA condemns the comments by Dak Prescott condoning violence against game officials,” the National Basketball Referees Association posted on Twitter.

As an NFL leader, he should know better. We encourage the NFL to take action to discourage this deplorable behavior in the future,” their statement further read. It appears that Dak realized his mistake and as a result, he issued an apology on Twitter.

I deeply regret the comments I made regarding the officials after the game on Sunday. I was caught up in the emotion of a disappointing loss and my words were uncalled for and unfair,” Dak wrote. NFL was expected to take action and finally, they have done the needful. Dak has been fined $25k for his obnoxious comments.

Although the NFL took some time to do the right thing, what matters is that they eventually did what was expected of them. This step will keep reminding the players to refrain from going overboard during the press meets.

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