“‘Stay The Heck Away From AFC”- ESPN Analyst Dan Orlovsky warns Aaron Rodgers

Here's what Dan Orlovsky reckons Aaron Rodgers would do in the time to come.

Dan Orlovsky and Aaron Rodgers
Dan Orlovsky and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. The Green Bay quarterback has delivered superb performances season after season. Although the Packers couldn’t reach the Super Bowl this time as well, Rodgers reported fantastic numbers.

However, the world is aware of Rodgers’ undying love to stay in the news. More often than not, at least in recent times, Rodgers has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. His Vaccine lie and expert analysis on Covid treatment have landed him in a world of trouble.

“I don’t think Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay”: Dan Orlovsky

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Moreover, a lot of speculations about his future in the league have also surfaced. There were rumors that Rodgers might leave the Packers after the current season. Giving his viewpoint on Rodgers’ current situation, Dan Orlovsky said that Aaron will most probably stay with the Packers.

I don’t think Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay. Actually, I’ll be shocked if Rodgers decides to leave Green Bay. I think the Green Baby Packers need to look at themselves as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did two years ago and go all in and make the run for the Super Bowl,” he said.

He praised Brian Gutekunst for assembling a talented bunch of players but added that now it’s time to go all in. “Brian Gutekunst, you have done a good job of planning for the future and you’ve committed to building your franchise for the future. It’s time man, it’s time to go for it, it’s time to see Aaron Rodgers come back,” he added.

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Aaron realized how good of a football team they are, he realizes how good of a scheme fit he has been within Matt LaFleur’s system and I just think Aaron understands and believes the best path or the most likely path to the Super Bowl is to stay right where he is in the NFC North, continue to win that division and stay the heck away from the AFC,” Dan further stated.

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