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“Here we go again” Darius Leonard voices his displeasure with the Colts after trading Carson Wentz

The Indianapolis Colts moved on from Carson Wentz recently, marking their 5th new QB in 5 seasons for 2022. Darius Leonard doesn't seem too happy about the constant change.

Darius Leonard

The Indianapolis Colts found themselves in the headlines after they traded away Carson Wentz to the newly named Washington Commanders. Their superstar, Darius Leonard wasn’t exactly pleased about the news.

There were rumors going around the league that the Colts wanted to move on from Wentz earlier this year. Supposedly they were not willing to be patient with him and they were disappointed with how the season ended. Still, trading him only a year after they traded for him is quite surprising.

The Colts gave Wentz and a second-round pick to Washington for a second-rounder and two third-rounders, one of which could become a second-round pick if Wentz plays 70% of snaps.

What this trade does guarantee for Indianapolis is that they now will have a 5th different starting quarterback in 5 years. Darius Leonard has been around for the previous 4 quarterbacks and it seems he thought Wentz was here to stay.

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Darius Leonard has had a different starting quarterback for every season he’s played in

Darius Leonard

With the news breaking recently, Darius Leonard took to Twitter to voice his thoughts where he said “Here we go again! About to be 5 years with the Colts and 5 different QBs! Thank you Carson for everything this year my guy! Wish you nothing but the best!”

Darius Leonard has now had Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz as the team’s starting quarterback in the past 4 seasons. If there’s one thing you need for success in the NFL, it’s consistency. Clearly, the Colts have only been consistently switching their signal-caller.

The good thing about all the change at the position is that Indianapolis knows how to find a new quarterback. With names like Jimmy Garoppolo on the trade block, there seems to be a replacement available this offseason. It’ll be crucial for them to find a long term solution if they want to keep their stars like Darius Leonard around.

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