“He is everything you could possibly want” – ESPN analysts believe Deebo Samuel is worthy of getting a $30M per year contract

Reports suggest that the 49ers are willing to pay Deebo Samuel handsomely and have no intention of letting go of the star

Deebo Samuel 
Deebo Samuel 

This offseason has been one of the wildest ones in NFL history and more so for the wide receivers. This offseason saw WRs receiving quarterback-like money. The Green Bay Packers traded their star receiver Davanate Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs also had to lose Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins.

Both the trades had to do with money and other star receivers are looking to follow in Adams’ and Hill’s footsteps. A few weeks back Deebo Samuel removed his 49ers profile pics and cleaned out all the posts related to the team on his Instagram handle. This confirms that Samuel is ready to leave San Fransico.

“The 49ers understand the value of Deebo Samuel” – ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington

Kyle Shanahan and Samuel Deebo
Kyle Shanahan and Samuel Deebo

Deebo Samuel is coming off his best year yet. He caught 77 passes for 1,405 yards and six touchdowns and was also used as a running back in Kyle Shanahan’s system, rushing 59 times for 365 yards and eight more touchdowns. At the 2022 Pro Bowl, Deebo after the game created a new position for himself. He declared himself a “wide back” (wide receiver that plays running back) after being used as a running back midway and through the rest of the season.

Samuel,26, has opted out of the on-field practices of the offseason program and is pursuing new and high-value contracts. Analysts on Get Up ESPN were baffled that teams weren’t fighting amongst themselves to sign a receiver of Deebo’s caliber. Jeff Darlington ESPN NFL reporter said, “(Adam) Schefter’s saying that the 49ers are willing to pay him. Quite frankly it doesn’t make sense. I think that we have to figure out exactly what it is that Deebo Samuel wants. The 49ers understand the value of Deebo Samuel and what exactly they’re willing to pay him remains the next step.”

“He is everything you could possibly want! If he wants out, teams should be all over themselves to get him,” Mike Greenberg added. It is true that Samuel has risen up to be a star and what he’s capable of doing for his team. It would be foolish of teams to let go of a Future Hall of Fame wide receiver.

While there hasn’t been any update about Samuel’s contract, it’ll be interesting to see whether the 49ers pay him upwards of $25 million or let him go. It’s truly a wild offseason for wide receivers all around the league!

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