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Deion Sanders regrets not taking Brittany Renner’s 20 Million dollar saving advice

Brittany Renner gave some of the most valuable advice to Deion Sanders, which he unfortunately could not follow during his playing time.

Jackson State University’s head coach and one of American football’s greatest ever, Deion Sanders recently revealed one of the biggest regrets of his career, which came during the initial days of his playing career.


Back in October, the former Super Bowl Champion hosted model Brittany Renner for a speech to his Jackson State football players, where the coach revealed one such piece of advice which he failed to take from her, and it apparently cost a hefty sum of $20 million.

Deion Sanders spent more than $20 million on both his divorces

Deion Sanders with Brittany Renner during the meet which took place in October

During a recent chat with Renner on his podcast, “21st and Prime,” Deion Sanders said her advice of choosing the right women in life was indeed a good one and he wishes he stuck to it back in his hay-days.


“Let me tell you something. If I had her in my ear,” Sanders said. “If I had been sitting in that room at Florida State and I had her come and lay it out as she laid it out. If I would have had that I would be at least $20 million richer.”

“Oh really?” responded a surprised Brittany Renner, who was a guest on the show. “Yeah, because of the game,” Sanders said.

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“Because everything she elaborated on, I would have been more prepared for the game of life. I was prepared for the game of football, but not that other game. Because I was so locked in.

Deion Sanders, whose both marriages, with Carolyn Chambers and then Pilar Sanders ended up in divorces said he felt all of the money used upon the divorce attorneys and other official procedures regarding the same would have been saved, if only he had chosen his relationships more judiciously.

Deion Sanders

Sanders continued explaining his Jackson University players, the importance of good relationships saying, “And then I misconstrued what love and some women were. If I would have had that, I promise you, at least 20. At least $20 million richer because of the divorces, the lawyer fees, all the bull junk that I’ve gone through as a man.”

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