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Deshaun Watson breathes a sigh of relief as 20 of the 24 cases accusing him of sexual misconduct have been settled, as per Tony Buzbee

Deshaun Watson has settled 20 cases against him but 4 cases still haven't reached an accord. Seems like they really want justice or are just waiting for a bigger payout

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson has been on top of news headlines for quite a few months now. After being accused by more than two dozen women of sexual assault, the Cleveland Browns quarterback has had some relief. Tony Buzbee, the lawyer representing the women in the ongoing civil lawsuit against Watson said on Tuesday that 20 cases have been settled.

Watson was reported to have received a massage from 66 different women in the past 15 months or so and a total of 24 women came forward and alleged that the QB misbehaved with them during their sessions. Now, all but four cases are left to be settled as Buzbee said in his statement.

Deshaun Watson settles 20 cases in a confidential settlement

Deshaun Watson

“Today I announce that all cases against Deshaun Watson, with the exception of four, have settled. We are working through the paperwork related to those settlements. Once we have done so, those particular cases will be dismissed,” Tony Buzbee said, the attorney for the plaintiffs in a statement to NBC News. “The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We won’t comment further on the settlements or those cases.”

Of the four cases left to be settled, Ashley Solis is one of the brave plaintiffs who has refused to let money come in the way of justice. She wishes to fight the case to the full extent of the law and bring the truth about Deshaun Watson out in the open. “Ashley Solis is one of the heroes of this story. Her case has not settled and thus her story and that of the other three brave women will continue. I look forward to trying these cases in due course, consistent with other docket obligations and the court’s schedule,” Buzbee said of the remaining cases.

Ashley Solis, one of the prime accusers of Watson

The NFL is conducting its own investigation and has implied that it will look to suspend the 26-year-old QB for an entire calendar year. However, the NFLPA stands in favor of Watson and refuses to let Watson be suspended. The reason is that the league should have an individual set of rules for everyone in it. As per NFLPA, if Watson is to be punished,m the league should also suspend its billionaire owners that have several sexual misconduct charges against them.

Dan Snyder has recently refused to appear before the House Oversight Committee for the charges against him. The Washington Commanders owner was accused of forced sexual advances by his former employees. The team was also fined by the NFL for its “hostile workplace environment”. The NFLPA has a valid standpoint for defending Watson. There has been an increase in sexual allegations against owners and players that have tarnished the reputation of the league all around the globe.

And the behavior of Deshaun Watson has been the final nail in the coffin for the NFL. Even though he hasn’t been found guilty by two grand juries, thanks to his lawyer Rusty Hardin, the league is conducting its own investigation. If Watson is found guilty of the charges laid against him, the league has to take serious action against for or face the wrath of the public. All in all, it doesn’t matter even if Watson is forbidden to play since the Browns have already signed a groundbreaking $230 million fully guaranteed deal with him. Let’s see what conclusion the NFL comes to after its investigation.

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