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Deshaun Watson expected to be ‘aggressively’ pursued by the Carolina Panthers

Deshaun Watson is once again garnering interest from all the NFL teams that need a quarterback. The Carolina Panthers in particular seem to be heavily committed to him and will try very hard to make it work.

Deshaun Watson

With reports saying Deshaun Watson will not be facing criminal charges, once again the NFL’s QB desperate teams have all eyes on the 26-year-old. The Carolina Panthers in particular are looking to push heavily for Watson.

Deshaun Watson is one of the most sought-after quarterbacks on the trade block in recent times. Of course, Russell Wilson’s blockbuster trade just happened recently and no one was even sure that he wanted out of Seattle. With Watson, they know he wants a new situation.

Deshaun Watson

A grand jury in Houston recently voted not to indict Watson on the criminal charges making many teams interested once again. Wherever he goes, he will have a huge impact. He’ll also cost a lot for a team to get him.

The Texans reportedly want a minimum of three first-rounders, other picks and a player. Given that Russell Wilson’s trade was for 2 first-rounders and 2 seconds as well as 3 players, it wouldn’t be surprising if Houston doesn’t budge on that pricetag.

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The Panthers are ready to try heavily for Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson

A source reported to ‘ESPN’ recently revealing how committed the Panthers are to this move. While they were interested in Deshaun Watson last offseason, they backed off after the criminal allegations. Instead, they opted to pursue Matthew Stafford and then settled for Sam Darnold when Stafford went to LA.

Reportedly, the Panthers have done the most to look into Watson’s situation of any team which is why they have no issues in pursuing this deal. They have the 6th overall pick in this year’s draft as well as a wealth of players that could be offered. Christian McCaffery is one of those superstars that could be shipped over.

The Panthers quite clearly want to have a long-term solution for their quarterback problems and Deshaun Watson at 26 years old potentially would be that. It’s worth noting that they will be making a pitch that won’t mortgage their future, so it’s not everything for one player.

In terms of money, any team trading for Watson would take on a $35 million cap hit. The Panthers have $31 million available so they’d have to do a bit of restructuring to make it work but it’s very much possible.

If the Carolina Panthers really want to get an established long-term QB, this is their time to strike. There are many teams that are interested in Deshaun Watson as well, so it’s not like he’s going to be in this situation again next year. They need to act now if they want it to happen.

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