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“Caddies Park Outside”: Doug Williams reflects on why Golf was a Major hurdle for him in becoming a coach or executive in NFL

Football legend Doug Williams explained why he wasn't very keen to go to swanky clubs to play Golf.

Doug Williams

Doug Williams is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. He wasn’t just a gamechanger on the field but off the field as well. Doug became the first black quarterback player to start and win a Super Bowl. He became the inspiration for innumerable people from varied fields.

Featuring for the Redskins, he was named the Super Bowl MVP as well in the 1988 finale. His rise to fame gave much-needed confidence to the unfortunate and downtrodden that they can dream and win big. However, recently senior sports writer and expert Michael Bamberger revealed that Doug wasn’t really fond of Golf.

Michael in his write-up for Golf.com revealed that Doug wasn’t very keen to play Golf in his early days. He claimed that in his early days, Doug told him that after the Super Bowl win, he was invited to a lot of top clubs for games of Golf. “After that Super Bowl, I started getting invited to a lot of nice country clubs for golf.”

“Not many black families can afford to play Golf”: Doug Williams

Doug Williams

He wasn’t very excited to go to the clubs unless he was playing with his teammates and friends, many of whom were black. “But if it was for me and my boys, and we could hang and have fun, and if I shoot 92, who cares?” Michael wrote that Doug had told him that Golf is actually an integral part of the NFL culture. He stated that Golf was an important tool to socialize with team owners and big names. In order to become a coach or hold any executive position in an NFL franchise, Golf was almost a necessity.

In 1978, I’m a rookie, and John McKay says to me, ‘Get yourself a set of golf clubs,’” Williams said. “What he was saying was a lot of things happen on the golf course.” Giving the reason why he was a little iffy when it came to playing Golf, Doug revealed that not a lot of black people play Golf simply because of one reason, it is very expensive.

It comes down to money,” Williams said. “How many Black families in this country can afford the memberships, the lessons, the equipment, the travel — all the things you need to make it as a junior golfer? If it costs $50,000 a year to train a junior golfer, or you could save that money for your kid’s college education? I’m telling you that college is a better investment every time,” Doug had said.

However, Doug went on to have a successful career, both as a player, as well as a coach. He is indeed an inspiration for millions. He changed to dynamics of the sport he was a part of and played a huge role in breaking the race barrier in NFL.

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