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“This was exactly God’s plan”: Emotional OBJ kisses wife’s belly after winning Super Bowl LVI

After the Super Bowl win, teary-eyed OBJ kissed his wife's belly

OBJ with Lauren Wood

What a game, what a night, what a win. The Super Bowl, as expected, turned out to be a riveting encounter full of ups and downs and some heated altercations. It would be fair to say that the Rams were the clear favorites before the game started as they had all their bases covered.

Right from the beginning, the Rams were able to put the Bengals under pressure and a lot of credit for this had to go to Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ scored the first touchdown of Super Bowl LVI which even forced basketball legend, LeBron James, to shake his leg.

OBJ over the moon after emphatic Super Bowl win

Odell Beckham Jr

While things were moving smoothly for the Rams till halftime, they certainly lost their momentum in the third quarter. The Bengals took control and things were looking a little shaky for the Rams fans. Moreover, OBJ, after two magnificent catches and a TD, suffered a knee injury which forced him out of the rest of the game.

It felt like this will turn out to be an anti-climax for the Rams, however, the team from Los Angeles made a fantastic comeback in the final quarter to eventually emerge victoriously by 23-20. Odell, who is also expecting the birth of his first child with his partner Lauren Wood couldn’t hold back his tears of joy after the game ended in his side’s favor.

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OBJ was in tears after the clock ran out and he repeatedly kissed his beloved’s belly while celebrating the victory. Moreover, OBJ also took to Twitter to write that is exactly what God had planned for him.

Indeed, it was a special moment for OBJ who was down and out in the initial stages of the season. However, as soon as he was transferred to the Rams, things changed drastically for him and even for the franchise. This is a win that OBJ and his family will cherish for a long time.

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