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‘SHOCKING’: Family Of Former NFL Player Glenn Foster Jr. Who Died In Police Custody Said Their Son Was Denied Medical Treatment

Former NFL player Glenn Foster Jr. lost his life a few days ago after he was arrested. His father has raised some serious allegations against the authorities.

Glenn Foster Jr.

Glenn Foster Jr. was an American professional football player who breathed his last on December 6, 2021. The defensive end was signed by the New Orleans Saints in 2013, however, the association came to an end in 2015 when the Saints decided to waive him off.

According to reports, Glenn was arrested after driving twice the speed limit through a rural Alabama community after which he ended up in jail. According to Associated Press, things went south inside the prison as well where he allegedly got involved in an ugly spat with another prisoner.

“I think my son would be alive today if he had received the treatment he needed”: Glenn Foster Sr.

Glenn Foster Jr.

Now, Glenn Foster Jr’s father has claimed that his son may have been going through a manic episode in the days leading up to his arrest. In an interaction with CNN, Glenn Foster Sr. claimed that his son was acting strangely during a recent phone call.

Glenn told CNN that he had spoken to his son over the phone before he was arrested. According to a statement from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the 31-year-old NFL star breathed his last at a medical facility north of Tuscaloosa. Moreover, Foster Sr. also stated that his son was being “uncooperative” and “unreasonable.”

However, Foster also stated that his son was denied treatment by the authorities. “The sheriff, after the altercation in jail, said he’s not going anywhere,” Foster Sr. said. “I think my son would be alive today if he had received the treatment he needed,” he added. The authorities are yet to respond to the allegations.

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