“First Woman NFL Head Coach”: NFL fans react to a little girl’s PURE joy after she forced her parents to watch the game

Twitter gushes over a little girl's delight at watching a football game

The girl's reaction on watching a football game
The girl's reaction on watching a football game

The NFL playoffs are about to end on Sunday night. The Conference Championships will take place on Sunday to determine the contenders for Super Bowl LVI.

A video went viral of a toddler’s reaction after forcing her parents to put a football game on. The smile on her face melted the hearts of all the NFL fans around the world.

Overtime shared the video of a little girl sitting on the couch with her father. She’s seen asking her father to stop at the channel which was telecasting an NFL game.

The 2-year old had a joystick in her hand and was jumping up and down with joy on the couch after seeing the football game. She had the most beautiful smile on her face as she was watching the game. This isn’t the first time the sweet kid has gone viral. A Tik-Tok video of her begging for more football has also gone viral.

The little girl was watching the game with laser-like focus. After seeing her reaction, Overtime captioned the video saying — “I found the first WOMAN NFL HEAD COACH”

It looks like she just might become the first woman head coach in the NFL given the fact with which she was enjoying the game. Earlier this season, Jennifer King of the Washington Football Team created history by being the first African-American female position coach.

As a part of Washington’s COVID outbreak, running backs head coach Randy Jordan was not available for Tuesday’s game along with seven other assistant coaches. This gave King the opportunity to serve as Washington’s running backs coach making her the first African-American female position coach in NFL history.

NFL fans react to the kid’s reaction on seeing a football game

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