“He Is A Liar And A Bad Thinker”, Kareem Abdul Jabbar Tears Down Aaron Rodgers For His Unvaccination Status

Kareem Abdul Jabbar was absolutely not happy with Aaron Rodgers for his lame statements about the vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers

It seems that the world is still mad at Aaron Rodgers and not everyone is still done taking their digs at the Packers’ quarterback. The latest addition to this list was basketball icon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar who tore Rodgers apart with his scathing judgment, claiming that Rodgers has failed his fans, his fellow players and the sport as a whole.

It’s been a week now since Rodgers has tested positive for the virus and the world has come all guns blazing at the 37-year-old signal-caller for concealing his vaccination status. Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote on his personal blog about his displeasure at Rodgers’ vaccination stance and his consultation with Joe Rogan.

This is what Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wrote About Aaron Rodgers

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"He Is A Liar And A Bad Thinker", Kareem Abdul Jabbar Tears Down Aaron Rodgers For His Unvaccination Status 2

He wrote, “Instead of consulting immunologists, he consulted anti-vaxxer and podcast host Joe Rogan, who also contracted the virus. If he ever requires open-heart surgery, will he hand the scalpel to romance writers because they know about matters of the heart? While many who came into contact with him thought he was vaccinated, Rodgers had embarked on his own regimen to boost his ‘natural immunity.’ He failed, as any scientist could have told him – and as they have been publicly telling us for over a year.”

He also wrote that Rodgers’ statements on the Pat McAfee show are bringing to life the old stereotype of the big dumb jock and also complained about Rodgers not wearing a mask in the press conferences and stating how allergic he is to the mRNA vaccines.

My Post 50 2 - FirstSportz
Aaron Rodgers

The nine-time NBA all-star also wrote, “Rodgers complained that the ‘cancel culture’ was coming for him, but his own words cancel him as a liar and a bad thinker. If he had a principled objection to the vaccine, he could have chosen not to play, like Kyrie Irving, who at least is honest. What really sacked his whining stance was his refusal to wear a mask during interviews to protect others from sickness and death.”

He added, “That was merely his hubris and arrogance against what he called the ‘woke mob.’ In this case, woke means compassion and responsibility toward others. He might also remember that the only reason he is able to play in front of crowds again is because all those suckers got vaccinated.”

He concluded by drawing a contrast with how Colin Kaepernick was demonized by NFL for just expressing his views. He wrote, “I can’t help but think of Colin Kaepernick, who was blacklisted by the NFL for passively expressing his frustration with systemic racism – a brave act meant to help his community and save lives – while multi-millionaire Rodgers will continue to play, despite lying to the fans and his teammates and putting innocent lives in danger,” he wrote. “Time will tell whether Rodgers will be judged by the content of his character or the strength of his throwing arm.”

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