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“How can you bet on that guy!” – Former NFL executive Joe Banner believes the Commanders will regret acquiring Carson Wentz

Here's what former NFL executive and the Eagles President Joe Banner think of the new Commanders QB Carson Wentz

Joe Banner and Carson Wentz

The latest trade that shocked everyone this offseason involved Carson Wentz being traded to the Washington Commanders by the Colts. It was no secret that the Commanders were looking for a quarterback. They tried to get Russell Wilson but received a strong no from Seattle.

After making calls to everyone in the league for a quarterback to stabilize their team, the Commanders finally locked down Carson Wentz. Rich Eisen along with former NFL executive Joe Banner had an in detail conversation about Wentz in Washington on the talk show The Rich Eisen Show.

“You’re gonna be disappointed in his play” – Joe Banner is not sold on Carson Wentz’s play-making ability

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz was selected No.2 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2016 draft. Wentz had the most successful season in 2017 as he led the Eagles to the NFC Championship game that culminated with the franchise’s first Super Bowl title in Super Bowl LII but was unable to star in the game due to his injury.

As the season progressed, there was a huge production dip and he lost his starting job to rookie Jalen Hurts. He was then traded to the Indianapolis Colts in 2021. While he showed potential with the Colts and it looked like they were going to make the playoffs, the team lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars which cost them their playoff spot.

Carson Wentz

Rich asked the former Eagles President what he thinks of Wentz as a QB and whether he’ll have an impact in Washington. “I just don’t see how you can turn around and make a bet on that guy to lead your team and be able to beat some of the QBs we were talking about. I don’t even see how they get to winning their own division with this kinda move. Who did they think they were bidding against that they had to pay that in compensation and take on the entire contract,” Banner said.

The Colts traded Wentz in exchange for 2022 2nd and 3rd round pick, 2023 3rd round pick (conditional). On the other hand, the Commanders received Wentz along with the 2022 2nd and 7th round pick. “Wentz will make some spectacular plays and will have some games in which you’ll be like oh my god we did find the guy. But when the 17 games are done, you’re gonna be disappointed in his play,” Banner added.

It’s important to note that Wentz is also injury prone. He had a foot injury during the Colts’ training camp. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Commanders’ bet pays off or will they regret it at the end of the 2022 season.

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