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“I can’t go back” Matt Rhule addresses his crucial 2022 season

Matt Rhule has a make-or-break season in 2022. Knowing this, he commented on his current mindset and how he's dealing with the supposed pressure.

Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule may not be leaving Carolina this offseason but, one more poor season and he will very likely be gone in 2023. Under Rhule, the Panthers have a record of 10-23 in his two seasons and finished last in the NFC south in 2021.

With stars on the roster like Christian McCaffery, D.J. Moore, and Brian Burns, the urgency to get Carolina back in the playoffs is immeasurable. They brought in Matt Rhule in 2020 to do just that and to be fair, he hasn’t been all bad.

The Panthers’ defense was one of the best in the NFL ranking 2nd in yards allowed and 3rd in average yards per play. Most of that talented defense is signed through 2022 so they should be there for this season. Along with that, they have a game-breaker on offense in Christian McCaffery if he can stay healthy.

Where they really struggled is quarterback play and pass protection. We’re yet to hear more about Rhule’s plans for the quarterback position but there are numerous options this offseason. They’ll definitely look to use their 6th overall pick in the draft on an offensive lineman to protect whoever is their signal-caller for this season.

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Matt Rhule elaborates on his mindset for 2022

Matt Rhule

At the NFL’s scouting combine, Matt Rhule was quoted saying “I’ve said it to you guys all along; if I make this about me, then I’m not the coach I say I am, don’t believe in what I believe in. I’m trying to get the Combine done as well as possible. If you’re a coach in the league and you don’t feel the pressure to win every year if you don’t feel like, ‘I’ve got to improve the team,’ then what kind of coach are you?”

Rhule further added “And I want the fans to have something. It’s been a while since we’ve had a team that’s better than what we are right now. The only pressure I feel is to be really really good for our players, for our coaches, for our fans. Free agency, we’ve re-signed a couple of our own players. Now we’ll continue to do that. Be active as much as can in the free-agent market, and hopefully have a good draft. I can’t go back. I’m forward-thinking.”

Matt Rhule has made a lot of coaching staff changes already this offseason. Now we have to wait and see how he tackles free agency and the draft as it will be pivotal in determining how far the Panthers can go this season.

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