Cam Newton returned to Carolina after a long hiatus when everyone believed that NFL’s superman is not coming back to his home. His entrance rocked the Carolina rosters as the speakers blared “I’m coming home” while he took the field screaming, “This is my home.” Despite his return being marked by a soured ending as the Panthers went down to the Washington football team, he thumped his chest with pride after scoring a touchdown.

Analyst Shannon Sharpe spoke on his show ‘The Undisputed’ that he wasn’t a particular fan of the celebration and was highly critical of Newton making the show all about himself. He believed that right now the Panthers are in the midst of a tidal wave where they are managing brief reprieves but it isn’t enough for them to be arrogant.

This is what Shannon Sharpe had to say about Cam Newton

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Cam Newton

He quoted on his show, “I didn’t like it, I thought this was a look-at-me moment. The Panthers brought him in during a playoff run and Cam made it all about him. I’ve been Cam’s biggest fan since day 1, but this wasn’t the time.” Previously, he has spoken volumes about how Cam Newton can be an effective weapon for the Panthers but this was a new avatar of his as he bared his heart out.

The Panthers have been tossed up and down in the recent weeks as they were blown away by a modest New York Giants while they grounded a soaring Falcons. They were once again tossed aside by the New England Patriots while they caged the high-flying Cardinals. They fought it down the wire with Washington but couldn’t catch a break as they went down 21-27.

Newton ran for 189 yards and threw 21-of-27 and that saw them being run over in the second and the third quarter. He pulled off two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown to cap off his return. However, one thing was clear, his arrival to Carolina has blown back life to the hopes of the Panthers.

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