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“I Still Own You” – Aaron Rodgers Gives A Cruel Reminder To Bears’ Fans Post A Thumping Victory

Watch how Aaron Rodgers bossed the Chicago Bears with this extraordinary touchdown and came up with an even better response to silence the fans.

Aaron Rodgers grabbed the limelight for all the right reasons as he dished out another masterclass to torment the Chicago Bears who have fallen to the quarterback’s might ever since 2016. As the Packers’ quarterback cantered to a six-yard rushing touchdown with an emphatic dive towards the byline that was preceded by a few foxy maneuvers and a couple of wily feints, Rogers celebrated the touchdown with his signature “belt” celebration.

Surrounded by his teammates who were going berserk as the scoreline popped up to a handsome 24-14 that eventually would go onto be the final score of the match, Rodgers hollered a few words at the Soldier Field congregation that on closer inspection came out as, “I still own you!” This statement had its roots in the year 2016, the first time when Rodgers claimed a victory for the Packers against the Bears.

This is the message that Aaron Rodgers left for the hurting Chicago fans

"I Still Own You" - Aaron Rodgers Gives A Cruel Reminder To Bears' Fans Post A Thumping Victory 2

These words from Rodgers were caught on the Fox microphones which were placed on the field. The looks on the Bears’ visages after that scathing touchdown from Rodgers were of pall and shock as they had no idea of what exactly was unfolding around them. Rodgers, the man with the MVP NFL awards to his name has now extended his legacy against the mighty Bears as it currently reads 21-5 in the span of his glittering career. To add to the woes of the grisly bears, this is the highest number of victories recorded against the single opponent in the NFL.

He has also conjured a 57-10 touchdown-interception ratio over the Bears that would be like a spike in the flesh of the wounded Bears. In the game that handsomely ended in the favour of the Packers, Rodgers completed a staggering 17 out of 23 passes that were laced with a surge of 195 yards and three touchdowns. The Packers have managed to bag eight victories out of the last nine games that they have played since 2016. Rodgers’ first victory against the Bears arrived on November 16th, 2008 in Chicago.

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