“I’d be SHOCKED if he..” – Dan Orlovsky thinks Aaron Rodgers ‘THIS’ move could cost him a Super Bowl

Dan Orlovsky thinks Green Bay Packers is the best place for Aaron Rodgers to win a Super Bowl and leaving them would be a grave mistake

Aaron Rodgers and Dan Orlovsky
Aaron Rodgers and Dan Orlovsky

After Green Bay Packers one and done playoff run, quarterback Aaron Rodgers said his probability of staying in Green Bay is minimal. Rodgers made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t wish to be a part of a rebuild.

Head coach Matt LaFleur said ‘we’d be crazy’ if the Packers let go of the reigning MVP. Analyst Dan Orlovsky on Get Up said Aaron Rodgers would be better off at Green Bay if he wishes to win a Super Bowl once more.

Aaron Rodgers knows how good the Packers team is and he’s better suited with them

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

“I don’t think Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay”, Orlovsky said. “Actually, I’d be shocked if Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay and I think the Green Bay Packers need to look at themselves like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did two years ago and go all in. And make a run for the Super Bowl. Like the Los Angeles Rams did this past offseason.”

Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to 13 wins in the regular season for the 3rd consecutive season. The 38-year old QB has a great regular season but he was unable to carry forward the same momentum in the postseason. Despite having three 13 wins, the Packers haven’t made a single Super Bowl trip.

Brian Gutekunst, you’ve done a good job of planning for the future and you’ve committed to build your franchise for the future. It’s time to go for it. It’s time to see Aaron Rodgers come back and lets to sacrifice a little bit of the future for right now. I think Aaron realizes how good of a football team they are and a scheme fit he has within Matt LaFleur’s system. I just think Aaron understands and believes the best path or the most likely path for a Super Bowl is to stay right where he is in the NFC North. Continue to win that division and stay the heck away from the AFC,” Orlovsky said.

Orlovsky feels the Packers is the best place for Aaron Rodgers to win a Super Bowl. But there are reports from various sources that Rodgers has purchased a house in Nashville and might join the Tennessee Titans next season. Nothing has been confirmed yet but Rodgers mentioned earlier that he will announce his decision before the free agency market.

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