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“Browns have to take a chance at Deshaun”: Joe Burrow admits Deshaun Watson deserves the QB position over Baker Mayfield

Here's what Joe Burrow had to say about the Baker Mayfield-Deshaun Watson situation at the Browns

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Joe Burrow has made a name for himself at the highest level. He had a tremendous season last time around for the Cincinnati-based franchise. Even under extreme pressure, his team was able to win games after games and a lot of credit for it has to go to the incredible Joe.


His individual performances and his leadership quality allowed the underdogs to make it big. Although the Bengals couldn’t cross the line during the final battle, they sure earned a lot of fans and are now being considered serious contenders for the 2022 season.

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“Mayfield will land on his feet but Deshaun Watson deserves a chance”: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow

Recently, Joe appeared on the Full Send Podcast and gave his viewpoint on a variety of topics. The star player claimed that although he loves and respects his admirers, the attention he gets off the field sometimes takes a heavy toll on him. Moreover, he also had his say on the Baker Mayfield situation.

That’s a really tough situation,” Joe said, adding that Baker has been a little too hard to stop for his team. “He was hurt all last year and every time we play him, he balls. The first time we play him, week two of my rookie year, we lost like 30-34 or something, and the next time we play him, I throw 400 yards, he goes like 25-28 with 5 touchdowns. Goes on a two-minute drive, touchdown, won the game, I haven’t beat the Browns yet,” Burrow added.

Commenting on how Deshaun’s presence has added to Baker’s woes, he stated, “I think when you have a guy like Deshaun, you have to take a chance at that because he is such a great player but Baker is a really good player, he will land on his feet.”

It will be interesting to see what happens next in the Baker-Browns saga.

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