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Jon Gruden refuses to blame Bad weather for bizzare loss

An exciting contest of Raiders and Chargers had to face the wrath of the lightning Gods before the game began

In a tale of two supreme halves, Raiders and Chargers dished out an impeccable showdown under the lightning heavens to entertain an almost full house at the SoFi stadium. However, the final laugh went to the Chargers as they backed their superiority in the second quarter with decent showdowns in the first and the fourth quarter.

There were defeating burst of lightning in Inglewood and being candid the two teams, Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders poured their heart out under such inimical conditions to bag the all-important victory.

The story of the match between Raiders and Chargers

Jon Gruden refuses to blame Bad weather for bizzare loss 2

The Raiders completed a charge of 213 yards vis-à-vis Chargers’ power-packed 380. The two quarterbacks, Derek Carr and Justin Herbert put one hell of a show to fight this contest to the very end. However, fans believed that the inclement weather conditions played an instrumental role in defining the fate of the game. They were pretty conclusive about the fact that how things would eventually be different if the rain gods didn’t play spoilsport. Though SoFi stadium had a translucent roof, the lightning strikes were intimidating enough to cause severe disruption.

The Raiders head coach, John Gruden mentioned that the weather had absolutely nothing to do with their defeat earlier in the day. The game was delayed due to hostile climatic conditions. However, Gruden said that under no circumstances, this delay was the cause of the defeat. Gruden was heard quoting, “No, I’m not an engineer, I have no idea. I have never heard that. I thought it was a joke. But it affected both teams.”

In an ironic rendezvous of fate and reality, Los Angeles Chargers who are also called the Bolts had their game delayed by lightning even though it was them who prevailed.

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