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“Josh and I were together for four years”: Brian Dabbol refuses to compare Josh Allen and Daniel Jones at this juncture of time

Brian Dabbol says it's unfair to compare Daniel Jones with Josh Allen so early.

With Brian Dabbol joining the New York Giants, there will be a lot of expectations from him to rejuvenate the teams’ attack. Dabbol did a fantastic job with the Buffalo Bills and the same will be expected from him now at the Giants.

When Brian Dabbol was at the Buffalo Bills, he was particularly involved with improving the game of one certain individual. Josh Allen’s drastic development and change can be greatly attributed to the work Dabbol put behind him.

Brian Dabbol says it’s unfair to draw comparisons between Josh Allen and Daniel Jones

Much of Brian Dabbol’s work regarding Josh Allen included getting the best of him in his passing department. He worked a great scheme to improve the team’s offensive by focusing on Allen’s passing abilities.

This has resulted in Josh Allen becoming one of the most prolific passers in the NFL currently. Now the thing that will be in focus is whether Brian Dabbol will be able to replicate the same with Daniel Jones.

Speaking on the issue at the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program, Brian Dabbol said that it was unfair right now to draw comparisons between the two at the moment. He says they had worked for four years on Josh Allen and it took a lot of time to improve.

Dabbol and Josh Allen

Moreover, he also said that a lot of the success also came because Josh Allen himself had great quality and was willing to work harder. His competitiveness was intense and contributed to their work.

“I think it’s unfair right now,” Daboll said “Josh and I were together for four years. It took a village to help Josh — credit first goes to Josh Allen and his abilities and his desires and his competitiveness.”

We got a long way to go,” Daboll added.

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