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“I felt like I was a little immature” Lamar Jackson dissects his poor 2021 season

Lamar Jackson had an injury-riddled and uncharacteristically poor 2021 season. He recently broke down what went wrong and he wants to change going into 2022.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson came into the NFL as one of the most dominant college quarterbacks of all time. However, when it came to the draft, he was a bit slept on as teams feared the lack of ability he showed in the passing game.

It’s funny hearing these things now given that the 4-year pro is an NFL MVP and is consistently mentioned in discussions about the best quarterbacks in the league. It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for Lamar Jackson, however.

Lamar Jackson

After not getting to start in his rookie season until week 10, he managed to win 6 of his 7 starts but failed to produce a win in the playoffs. His 2019 MVP campaign was virtually flawless but once again, the playoff win eluded the Ravens once again.

Jumping ahead to 2021, it was by far his worst season. Apart from missing games due to injury, Jackson also didn’t produce at his stratospheric level that we’ve become accustomed to. Jackson himself reflected on the season and what he needs to change for 2022.

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Lamar Jackson breaks down his 2021 struggles

Lamar Jackson

While Lamar Jackson actually threw for more yards in 2021 than 2020 despite missing more games, he also threw more interceptions, fewer touchdowns, and had fewer rushing yards. Some of that was due to injury but Jackson himself had other reasons to add in as well.

Lamar Jackson appeared on UNINTERRUPTED’s ‘The Shop’ where he was quoted saying “Lately since I’ve been the league, defenses have been changing. They don’t play me like they play other defenses. I’ve got to get ready for a dog fight every game. They’re going to play their best.”

When asked about what he would like to change going into 2022, Jackson further added “My approach, my mindset. Just a lot mature. I felt like I was a little immature, not in a bad way.”

About his goals, Jackson said “I’ve been thinking about that since I was a little kid. Being a billionaire and being a champion.”

Of course, every player wants to be a Super Bowl champion and Lamar Jackson is no different there. He has a team that could be capable of doing so in the coming years. He might have to wait a bit longer on the billionaire front.

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