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Las Vegas Raiders Are Considering Trading Out Clelin Ferrell

Know everything that you should about the trade rumours of the Raiders' defensive end, Clelin Ferrell.

The NFL Trade deadline is almost upon us and in less than a week we will know all about the final shuffles that the roster will go through. When it comes to trade talks, the Raiders are bound to be involved in some form or the other. Comfortably placed at 5-2 in the AFC West, they will be more interested in buying someone from the racks instead of trading someone out.

However, going by the inside reports, Raiders Defensive End, Clelin Ferrell may be on a move away from Las Vegas as he has not been getting ample game time. The erstwhile no. 4 pick just played 95 snaps, mainly as a rotational defensive end in the ongoing season. Given the lack of game time, it has been evident that Ferrell is looking for suitors who would believe in him. According to the words of SI’s Albert Breer, the Raiders are going hot with canards of a Farrell trade.’

This is what Albert Breer said about Clelin Ferrell

Las Vegas Raiders Are Considering Trading Out Clelin Ferrell 3

Breer was heard quoting, “Speaking of draft busts, the Raiders have had discussions involving 2019’s fourth pick, Clelin Ferrell. The ex-Clemson star has 6.5 sacks in 32 career games, and none to date in 2021.” With Ferrell mainly coming as a rotation, the Raiders will do a decent job if they offload him now and choose a draft pick that would also aid them in saving some cap space in 2022.

Given the current stature of Ferrell, it is highly unlikely that they will be rewarded handsomely for the defensive end but this trade would open up a roster spot and also accord some gametime to third-round pick, Malcolm Koonce. Ferrell had his bouts of exultations against the Eagles but the high stature that the draft ennobled him with has remained a myth. Though it is unwise to say that as the hype that he brings in shouldn’t really star in the top five.

Las Vegas Raiders Are Considering Trading Out Clelin Ferrell 4

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