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LeBron James Reacts After Dodgers’ Hard-Fought Win Against Giants

LA Lakers LeBron James reacts to Dodgers winning the series 3-2 against Giants.

The Los Angeles Dodgers managed a lucky escape riding on a heroic illustration from Max Scherzer in the final innings to seal a berth in the National League Championship Series. It was a very closely contested encounter and it needed some extraordinary precision in the final inning to decide a winner between the two sides and Scherzer rose to the occasion to seal the deal for the Dodgers. With so many elations all around, LeBron James, the basketball icon congratulated the Dodgers on their hard-fought victory that was another creamy addition to their already embellished crown.

The basketball star took to Twitter to congratulate the Dodgers on their victory as he cited, “Moving on! Congrats @Dodgers!! Keep going.” Given the fact that he has been a part of the fellow Los Angeles Lakers, this shout of appreciation for his state’s baseball counterparts echoed for lightyears across the globe. To make it fun, this tweet just came on the back of the Lakers’ preseason game against the Sacramento Kings and the netizens wanted him to rest a while before tweeting.

LeBron James Opinionates Upon Dodgers Epic yet Controversial Win Over Giants

Los Angeles Dodgers

Sadly, for James, Los Angeles Lakers were drubbed in their preseason game by the Kings, thanks to a superior first-quarter display that created all the gap. The Dodgers, on the contrary, had to dig exceptionally deep to defend their title. They were down by 1-2 in the fray before an incredible display in game four brought them on level pegging. Game five exposed the frayed skeleton of both the teams as they tussled it to death. It took almost six innings to break the impasse when Corey Seager’s strike allowed Mookie Betts to draw first blood.

However, the lead was transient as Darin Ruf blasted a home run in the bottom of the sixth inning to even the equation. The bout continued on an exceptionally close note as it went down the wire with the ninth innings separating the two sides. Cody Bellinger, a LeBron James hardliner, smashed a base hit to impart the slender lead to the Dodgers. Scherzer sealed the deal for them after staving away the Giants hitters.

Though the Lakers couldn’t produce a victory in the preseason game that left the fans visibly irked, the thrilling win for the Dodgers sent them in raptures. Things aren’t really taking flight for the Lakers despite their latest acquisitions as they are still to secure a victory in the preseason. As the season arrives in less than a week, they will have to do better to open their account and James will play a pivotal role in that.

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