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“He is misconstrued by the media”: Matt Gay says OBJ is actually a true team man

Here's what Matt Gay had to say about Odell Beckham Jr's temperament and contribution in the side.

The Los Angeles Rams have been nothing short of sensational this season. They have got their combinations right, the stars have fired and as a result, they are heading to the Conference Final where they will take on the 49ers. Their confidence would be sky high especially after what happened in their last game.

The Rams have been brilliant in the playoffs. They defeated the Cardinals with ease in the Wild Card game, and started brilliantly against the Bucs as well. Although they allowed the Bucs to make a comeback which could have proved fatal, they would be nevertheless delighted to move one step forward.

“He just wants to take the team forward”: Matt Gay on OBJ


The Rams made a good call earlier in the season when they roped in Odell Beckham Jr in their unit after he was released by the Cleveland Browns. OBJ churned out good numbers but his overall image was of someone who was very self-centered. Calling such speculations completely incorrect, Matt Gay had a few things to say on The Pat McAfee Show.

“OBJ is definitely misconstrued by the media,” Matt said, adding that OBJ just wants to win and take his team forward. “Obviously with someone of his talent would want the ball in hand, he’s not just some guy, he is Odell Beckham Jr. All he wants to do is help this team win & he’s done that,” he further stated.

Needless to say, OBJ has been really good for his team and his presence has really helped them. Matt also reminded everyone about the game against the Ravens where OBJ made his presence felt. Going further into the tournament, the games will get tougher and the Rams would want OBJ to bring out his absolute best for them.

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