“I couldn’t believe he was throwing it!” 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan was blown away by Brock Purdy’s ‘brilliant’ TD pass to Brandon Aiyuk

Brock Purdy threw a brilliant TD pass to his WR wideout Brandon Aiyuk during the game against Seahawks on Thanksgiving.

“I couldn’t believe he was throwing it!” 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan was blown away by Brock Purdy’s ‘brilliant’ TD pass to Brandon Aiyuk

Kyle Shanahan and Brock Purdy (via Imago/SI)

The head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Shanahan is leaving no stone unturned to praise his most effective weapon Brock Purdy after the Thanksgiving game against the Seattle Seahawks. The praise came against the backdrop of a touchdown pass that Purdy threw to the wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. The HC said he thought it was impossible to throw a ‘crowded’ Aiyuk from that particular position where Purdy was standing.

Shanahan ‘couldn’t believe’ it was Purdy who was throwing that pass. He termed the pass ‘perfect’ and lauded Purdy for making a ‘hell of a throw’ to ensure the 49ers secure a much-important win against the Seahawks.

I couldn’t believe he was throwing it. The zone coverage guys were so deep, which usually you can check it down right underneath them and get about 12, but Brock thought he could drop it in over the guy, and it was a clear view for all of us and a hell of a throw, perfect touch, got it over him, and that was the big play that sealed it.
Kyle Shanahan

It was a game-settling TD pass by Purdy which sealed the eighth win for the 49ers in the league. After the bye week, the 49ers have got back the momentum they lost in the middle of the season. After their consecutive fifth win in the beginning, the 49ers lost three consecutive games and Purdy was having his worst of times on the field. He was intercepted five times in three games. However, Purdy had a grand comeback after the bye week with 7 touchdowns and just 1 interception in 3 games.

Surprisingly, Purdy did not have a brilliant game against the Seahawks. He covered 208 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. However, he had his clutch moment. Delivered when it was needed the most. That TD pass was the most vital moment in the game.

Kyle Shanahan believes Brock Purdy never plays safe

From the post-match media presentation, it seemed that the HC was pretty impressed with his quarterback. He marked a clear difference between Purdy and other quarterbacks. Shanahan believes Purdy always opts for big when other QBs take a safe route.

He does that pretty consistently, he’s always trying to get that one in. Very rarely does he check it down and you tell him he missed the deep one. He looks at it that way. He proved to us while the ball was in the air it was the right direction.
Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy

Not only Shanahan but also Christian McCaffrey praised Purdy after the game. He said Purdy always makes every play possible that is needed to be. Meanwhile, the 49ers will face the Eagles next week. The Eagles are currently the best team in the league with a 9-1 record.

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