“They got the ONLY guy who’ll p*ss Aaron Rodgers off”: Ty Schmit destroys Green Bay Packers for sticking with Jordan Love

Pat McAfee and Ty Schmit are not happy with the Packers' decision to go with Jordan Love

Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers
Jordan Love and Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Alexander Love is a talented young quarterback who is regarded as an emerging star in the world of the NFL. The QB who was roped in by the Green Bay Packers in 2020 impressed a lot of people with his performances at the college level.

In the 2020 season, Love did not get any opportunity to prove himself during the regular as well as in the post-season as he was the team’s third quarterback after MVP Aaron Rodgers and Tim Boyle. In 2021, Packers got a few chances when Aaron Rodgers’ vaccination saga took center stage.

“This doesn’t make sense”: Pat McAfee is furious with the Packers roping in Jordan Love

Jordan Love
Jordan Love

Love’s performance in those games was not too great. Recently, on the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Pat, A.J Hawke, and Ty Schmit discussed the Packers’ move to stick with Love. Needless to say, Schmit, who is a die-hard Packers fan was extremely disappointed with this move.

When Pat reminded Ty that the Packers were just one game away from the Super Bowl last year and that Rodgers still has four years left, an agitated Ty claimed, “they picked the only guy that’s going to fuc*ing p*ss Aaron Rodgers off. The only possible pick that’s going to make him fuc*ing p*ss at the organization.”

God damn it,” Ty yelled while McAfee and Hawke laughed it off. Pat claimed on the show that although he is happy for Jordan Love as he’ll get to learn a lot from Aaron Rodgers, he just can’t digest the fact that the team went for Love even when Aaron Rodgers has four years left.

Even Hawke wasn’t amused by the Packers’ decision. “This definitely is confusing, they traded up to get Jordan Love,” he claimed. It will be interesting to see how Jordan performs in the time to come for Green Bay.

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