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“They’re willing to take on Baker’s salary”: NFL Insider claims that the Browns are willing to pay money to get rid of their QB

The Cleveland Browns appear to be done holding Baker Mayfield hostage as they are willing to cover a significant part of the QB's salary to get rid of him

Baker Mayfield

“Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,” remember that song by Pharrell Williams? That could very well be on repeat on Baker Mayfield‘s phone right now. The quarterback is closer than ever to being traded from the Cleveland Browns. It has been a long time coming, the last two months have been worse for the quarterback as every single day brings about more and more questions about his future with no end in sight.

No team was interested in him so far except for the Carolina Panthers who initially backed out when they heard that they will have to cover his salary that the Browns owe him as well but it appears that the team never completely shut the door on Baker as they were continually in talks with the Browns to try and negotiate a favorable deal.

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The Browns are done holding Baker Mayfield as a form of insurance to fall back on:

Baker Mayfield is closer than ever to being free

As per NFL Insider Albert Breer, Baker Mayfield could be on the Panthers’ roster in Week 1 of the upcoming season, to make things more interesting, he will be playing his first game against his former team in case this trade does go through. Cleveland was adamant before that they did not want to pay to get rid of their quarterback, they were willing to take on a maximum amount of $3-$4 million out of his guaranteed $18 million but now that amount may have gone all the way up to $10 million.

“They’re willing to take on a fair amount of Baker’s salary. Like $9-$10 million dollars. So, for people out there who think that Cleveland’s holding on to Baker as Deshaun’s (Watson) insurance, they wouldn’t be offering to take on a pretty significant portion of the guy’s salary if they were looking to hold him until there’s more clarity in the Deshaun Watson case,” Albert Breer states.

This is probably the worst time that the Browns chose to reverse their stance on Baker, all the cards are in his favor now, and the Panthers also have more leverage than ever. With Deshaun Watson out for the upcoming season (assuming the league suspends him for an entire year), the Browns are left to fall on Jacoby Brissett and Joshua Dobbs as their options for the quarterback position.

We knew that desperately holding on to Mayfield as a sort of insurance for Watson will not work out as the relationship between the organization and the player is irreparable at this point. As far as the Panthers are concerned, they will get an upgrade over Sam Darnold as Baker may not be the best but he is better than their existing QB.

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