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“He DISRESPECTED the flag more than any football player did”: Bill Maher calls out Donald Trump over his hypocrisy over Colin Kaepernick

Host of Real Time, Bill Maher criticizes former President Donald Trump for attempting to silence Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee.

Colin Kaepernick had his entire professional career ruined for merely kneeling while Donald Trump, who orchestrated a coup roams freely.

The concept of Karma seems to be looking more real than ever, just ask Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America who once had the majority of the nation rallying behind him and rooting for him. Now, things seem to have turned right around as the former President is being investigated for a multitude of things namely defrauding the state of New York by inflating his net worth, carrying confidential documents with him, and storing them at his Mar-a-Lago residence. The cherry on top is the attempted coup on the White House which he orchestrated on the 6th of January.


The former President’s behavior combined with the Republicans’ continued support for him despite the serious accusations leveled against him has brought into light an incident that shook not just the whole nation but brought politics into sports. We are referring to the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who was kneeling during the national anthem that is played before every game and the price that he paid for professing his opinions and taking a stance was his career.

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“Elections only count when you win them?”: Bill Maher puts forth a serious question to Donald Trump and the Republicans who were responsible for ruining Colin Kaepernick’s career.

Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump. AP News

Colin Kaepernick took a stance and decided to take a knee as a sign of protest against the treatment of the black community by the American people. He stated that he did not have in him to stand up and be proud of associating himself with the flag of a country that has historically oppressed and continues to oppress people of a particular race.

Donald Trump, who was the President at the time, did not like Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem as he believed that it was offensive to the USA and that the quarterback was “disrespecting” the national flag by doing so. What Colin did caused no harm to anyone, he did not hurt anyone, he did not ruin lives, and neither did he threaten the democratic status of an entire nation. However, due to public outrage, Trump decided that this was the perfect time for him to showcase his patriotism and contacted the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, and warned him of serious repercussions if something was not done to bring Kaepernick under control.

Trump did not mince his words either as the President tweeted this, “Get that son of a bi*ch off the field right now, he’s fired. He’s fired!” Those were the exact words of the President who was referring to Colin Kaepernick. The quarterback was joined by many teammates and peers across the league as they kneeled in unison to protest the widespread racism but teams quickly began to discourage their players and advised them to not kneel. The Commissioner attempted to spin Trump’s tweets off by showcasing the positive impact made by the players on society but since the NFL’s ratings began to take a nosedive, owners began to get more concerned, and Kaepernick who remained adamant to take a knee was eventually driven out of the NFL.

He opted out of his contract in March 2017 and has been jobless ever since. All of this is due to the traction that the President’s tweet gave this story. The reason Trump called Colin out was that this move disrespected the flag. The hypocrisy is that the same man went on to orchestrate a coup after he did not get his way in the elections, Trump violated the sanctity of American democracy by terrorizing a place that is meant to work for the good of the American people.

Donald Trump has established himself as a hypocrite.

Bill Maher did not hold back and criticized the President, apologies, FORMER president, Donald Trump, and the Republicans for their conduct. “Republicans, what do you like about America? It’s not democracy. You stand with the President who tried to pull off a coup and a dozen Republican Nominees for senate and governor in this year’s mid-term said they will absolutely not commit to accepting the results. Elections only count when we win them. Is that what America is to you now? That shows more disrespect for the flag than any football player ever could.”

The Republicans continue to criticize federal bodies such as the FBI as they continue to investigate Trump over his attempted coup. The recent raids over his Mar-a-Lago residence provoked them so much, they went as far as to demand that the FBI be defunded. What is this if not a total mockery of the system? You want to criticize athletes who are merely exercising their First Amendment rights without causing any form of inconvenience to others but expect to justify your own actions that have actually cost lives? The hypocrisy in the whole situation is despicable.

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