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“You’re against free speech,” Bill Maher slams Washington Commanders for fining Jack Del Rio $100k for his January 6th comments

Check out what HBO's show host, Bill Maher said on Jack Del Rio's recent comments on the January 6th capitol attacks.

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio landed himself in hot water, after making controversial comments on the January 6th capitol riots, while comparing them to protests made after the death of George Floyd in the United States, way back in 2020.


Del Rio did not find many supporters for himself, after those comments but has definitely found one in the form of HBO’s Real Time show host Bill Maher. The veteran broadcaster completely supported the defensive coordinator in making his feelings heard.

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Bill Maher was not happy with the Washington Commanders’ decision to fine Jack Del Rio for making himself heard

Jack Del Rio

The Washington Commanders imposed a $100k fine on the defensive coordinator, and Bill Maher was absolutely against the idea of fining people for making their voices heard, especially during this day and age.

Maher started the topic, explaining what Del Rio said, and mentioned that although he doesn’t agree with it, “this is a very common view that he has.”

Maher continued, “I would like to, if I could talk to Mr Del Rio, I think I could probably hopefully convince him a little bit that it was more than a dust-up. He also compares it a lot to the 2020 protests that were going on after the George Floyd murder. Okay.”

“They fined him, the team fined him, $100,000 for this opinion. Fining people for an opinion. I am not down with that. So either, say you’re against free speech, but don’t tell me this,” Maher concluded.

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