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“In Nick we trust”: NFL Twitter goes crazy as Carson Wentz gets replaced by Nick Foles for the third time in his career

Carson Wentz has been replaced once again by Nick Foles for the third time in his career, NFL Twitter had a field day once the news of the QB signing with the Colts broke out

If your name is Carson Wentz, you are probably punching the air right now, the quarterback has had a history of being injured and replaced by backup quarterbacks. Well, there is one particular QB who has a track record of replacing Wentz, that is Nick Foles. Foles first replaced the QB in 2017, 2018, and 2019 during his stint with the Philadelphia Eagles and now he has replaced him in Indianapolis.

The team recently traded Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders, they landed Matt Ryan from the Falcons to replace him. However, the team has also signed a backup quarterback just in case. They got Nick Foles from the Chicago Bears, which indirectly means that he has replaced Wentz once again. Technically not as a starter but it does seem that way.

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Nick Foles has reunited with former coach Frank Reich once again:

Foles has replaced Wentz once again

The Colts announced on Monday that they are signing the quarterback to a two-year contract, in all likelihood, Foles and coach Reich are already plotting on pulling off another ‘Indy Special’, the play that helped Philly win the 2017 NFL title. Though Foles is a backup behind Ryan, he has a lot of experience and brings a lot to the table.

Coach Reich was also excited he had earlier said the following, “I love Nick Foles, I haven’t talked to him, but I think he’s a great player, I think he’s proven that. I think he’s a great teammate. There’s nothing about Nick Foles that I don’t like. I think he’s a winner. He’s certainly a guy that fits our kind of culture but he plays for the Chicago Bears.

Foles played only one game in the last two years as a Bear, he still got the bag though as he got the entire $88 million that he was guaranteed under the four-year contract he signed with Jacksonville in 2019. After the latest developments, NFL Twitter had a lot to say.

Carson Wentz’s reaction right now watching all of these developments.
So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that Matt Ryan is the actual replacement for Wentz?
He did lead them to a Super Bowl victory, so fair enough.
This is how things actually went down.
Out of the league after that season. Wentz has a lost shot to prove himself as a starting QB in the NFL with Washington.
Let’s end on that note! Which of these reactions did you find to be the most hilarious? Let us know!

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