“SHOCKING”: Chris “Mad Dog” Russo says Aaron Rodgers will NOT win another Super Bowl

Chris Russo had a few things to say about Aaron Rodgers which won't please the 4-time MVP and his admirers.

Aaron Rodgers and Chris Mad Dog Russo
Aaron Rodgers and Chris Mad Dog Russo
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Aaron Rodgers is one of the best Quarterbacks to step on the football field but many question whether he will be remembered as one the Greatest of All Time. Chris Mad Dog Russo is one the people questioning Rogers’ greatness.

Mad Dog in an appearance on First Take was asked by the host Molly Querim whether Aaron Rodgers will win another Super Bowl ring, Mad Dog replied-“I don’t think Rogers will win another championship. They’re(Green Bay Packers) gonna be very good obviously this year too, bad conference(NFC North) but he’s not great in the post season.”

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“Aaron Rodgers is not great in postseason” – Chris Mad Dog Russo

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Mad Dog supported his claim by pointing out Rodgers’ dismal record in the last few postseasons. “And think about some the games he’s lost in playoffs the last few years. They got bombed in San Francisco, he lost 2 home games in back to back years to Tampa and the 9ers. He lost the Championship game out in Seattle.”

He’s not been nearly as good. The spark the greatness, he’s been great in the regular season but in the post season he’s been only been pretty good. So I will say he will not end up in the top 5 all time and I will say he will not win another Super Bowl.”

Before Russo’s take another panelist Chris Canty said he believes that- The defense will give him some runway to win another ring. He signed a 3 year contract his season. I do think that at some place over that span or over the life of that deal, you’re talking about the Packers being in the championship rounds making it to another conference championship game and potentially another Super Bowl for Rodgers.” Canty continued “I think it is the potential for it but Rodgers is gotta be under… probably more pressure now to win another ring than he ever has been in his career.”

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Aaron Rodgers

Canty believes so for 2 reasons one is that any one who is considered in the GOAT conversation should at least have multiple rings and another reason was the pressure for Rodgers to prove himself worth the contract he recently signed which made him the highest paid person in the NFL on an avg. per year basis.

While Jay Williams went on to compare Rodgers’ to Lebron James as per him- “Seems to me this kind of thing is similar to LeBron. And I’m not saying LeBron and Aaron Rodgers are the same, but I think the narrative is fascinating. It’s almost like he gets criticized for getting there and not getting over the hump, right?”

As Rodgers’ career winds down all questions will be answered as after his 2 continuous MVP seasons, Rodgers would hope to add another Super Bowl ring to his legacy which no doubt has earned him a spot in Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, Ohio.

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