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“To get Brady, Dolphins were ready to…”: Chris Simms adds another twist to the Tom Brady-Miami Dolphins saga

Chris Simms made shocking revelations about Tom Brady-Miami Dolphins controversy

Sean Payton and Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the biggest names in the world of the NFL. He just never ceases to amaze with his on and off-the-field actions. The world was left shocked and surprised when he announced his return to the NFL just 40 days after retiring. He claimed that he had more unfinished business with football.

It is certain that Tom Brady will play for the Buccaneers in 2022 but earlier, there were rumors of him playing for the Miami Dolphins. Such speculations originally came to light during Brady’s retirement when it was rumored that the Dolphins would go after Sean Payton and Brady in a tandem move.

The Dolphins were planning to send a second-round pick to the Bucs to get Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Post that, reports surfaced claiming that Brady was actually set to become a minority owner of the Dolphins but the Brian Flores lawsuit ruined the deal. Moreover, not long ago, another NFL executive went one step further and told The Athletic’s Mike Sando that Brady will join the Dolphins in the next season.

The executive claimed that Tom Brady and Sean Payton will be with the Miami Dolphins next year in case Brady decides not to continue his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now, adding another twist to the Tom Brady-Miami Dolphins saga, Chris Simms has made more shocking revelations.

In the latest edition of the God Bless Football podcast hosted by Stugotz, Chris Simms stated that the Dolphins were all set to trade a second-round pick to the Bucs in order to rope in Tom Brady. He went on to add that the Miami-based franchise was ready to send a first-round pick to New Orleans to get Sean Payton.

They were going to trade a second-round pick to Tampa Bay to get Brady. The Bucs weren’t going to hold him hostage. Sean Payton and the Saints, that was going to be a first-round pick to get that deal done,” Simms claimed, adding that the Brian Flores lawsuit ruined the deal for them.

It was a very real, tangible thing and the Brian Flores lawsuit definitely threw a wrench in it,” he claimed.

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