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“The top 7 QBs in the AFC are all elite, Tua’s not”: Colin Cowherd criticizes the Dolphins QB by claiming he has a low ceiling

Tua Tagovailoa is likely to end up being similar to Kirk Cousins as he has a lower ceiling and a capped potential for improving overall which will restrict him from being elite

Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins have not had this good a roster in quite some time now. This year, the team added more offensive weapons like Tyreek Hill, an improved offensive line, a better offensive coach, and an improved running back as well. This means that Tua Tagovailoa, the team’s quarterback is better set up for success this year. But is Tua the solution to Miami’s problems in the long term? Tua can run and throw the ball, his ratings in seasons with an average team were pretty good.

He recorded a passer rating of 89.0, 66% completion percentage, and a record of 13-8 in the NFL. These stats signify that he has potential and that he is not a bust as many deem him to be. He can ball out and he has managed to stay afloat with a mediocre team so it is natural that this year he will fare better. However, does Tua have the potential to be great? Especially in a division that is packed with the best quarterbacks across the entire league.

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“You can get trapped in pretty good”: Colin Cowherd believes Tua will end up being similar to Kirk Cousins

Tua has a better weapon in Tyreek Hill this season

Fox Sports NFL analyst Colin Cowherd believes that Tua cannot be an elite quarterback, there is room for him to be good and even great but not elite enough to win a Super Bowl or make it out of that division. “His career numbers are not terrible, they’re okay. I don’t think that’s his ceiling, I think it’s better with better weapons,” Colin says. He predicts Tua’s stats for this year, “He’ll complete 69% of his throws, I’ll say 23 touchdowns, only 8 picks, and a 96.0 passer rating, and that is going to divide the room”

However, Colin does not think this is enough for a quarterback in the AFC and compares Tua to Kirk Cousins. “How do you get rid of that? That is Minnesota’s problem with Kirk Cousins. Those are good numbers they’re not great, they’re not elite. In the NFC, I’d be like, ‘I’d stick with him,’ Brian Flores could not stop Josh Allen.” The division has immense talent, it has the top 7 ranked quarterbacks in the entire league and it will be hard to get past them by being just good enough.

In the NFC, Tua has a better shot at getting out of the division as the quarterbacks there are not all elite. “I think you can get trapped in pretty good, and at the end of this year you are going to look up (at Tua) and go, ‘I think he’s pretty good,’ and you are not necessarily wrong but he is not necessarily elite,” Colin says.

“Everyone in Miami would take pretty good right now but Andy Reid moved off that from Alex Smith and started to win Super Bowls, Mac Jones (Rookie year) was pretty good, the best coach ever, good defense, how does it work? I think you’re gonna get really clear and obvious rewards with the direction of the franchise but be careful, this is where Minnesota’s at because those numbers for Tua are not egregious.” Colin concludes by stating, “Pretty good is a rough place to be even though at the moment you’ll take it.”

In a division that packed, it is easy to be overlooked as you really need to be elite in order to stand out and win. Tua can still make it out of that division if the rest of the team excels and if their game plan is better than their opponents but it is unlikely that only Tua’s talent is capable of getting them out of the division.

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