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“He has elite characteristics”: D.J Reed reckons Sauce Gardner is indeed everything the media says he is

Here's what D.J Reed had to say about his new teammate Sauce Gardner

Sauce Gardner and DJ Reed

Ahmad Gardner, aka Sauce Gardner is regarded as the next big thing in the world of the NFL. Born on August 31, 2000, Sauce attended Martin Luther King in Detroit, Michigan, and showcased his talent as a cornerback and wide receiver. The 6 feet 3 inches tall footballer weighing 91 kgs was actually given the name ‘Sauce’ by his coach.

For those of you who don’t know, Gardner’s affinity for dipping sauces at the age of 6 made his coach give him the nickname ‘Sauce.’ He credits his mother a lot for aiding him in becoming what he is today. Sauce belongs to a humble background from Detroit but he sure has changed things around for his loved ones.

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“He sure can do it in the NFL”: D.J Reed on Sauce Gardner

Sauce Gardner

It was evident that teams will not waste a lot of time in roping him in during the 2022 draft and that’s exactly what transpired. Gardner was selected fourth overall by the Jets and as expected, they are really excited to have the tremendous cornerback on board.

Talking about Gardner, Jets’ D.J. Reed recently made a few points. “I love him man. I watched his tape and he’s everything that the media is saying he is, he’s a lockdown cornerback,” he claimed, as reported by newyorkjets.com.

He did it in college, and I believe he can do it in the NFL. He’s prototypical, he has elite characteristics, and he plays with great eye discipline. He can catch, too. He makes great plays on the ball and it’s just an overall complete cornerback in my opinion. I’m looking forward to balling with him,” he further added.

Indeed, Sauce’s presence has surely added immensely to the Jets’ unit and it will be interesting to see if he is straightaway able to deliver on the highest level.

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