Dan Orlovsky SLAMS Trey Lance claiming he can’t play in HC Kyle Shanahan’s offense despite turmoil in team over QB position

Lance looked uncomfortable to start the preseason opener

Dan Orlovsky SLAMS Trey Lance claiming he can’t play in HC Kyle Shanahan’s offense despite turmoil in team over QB position

Trey Lance (L) and Dan Orlovsky (R) (Image via ESPN)

San Francisco 49ers‘ head coach Kyle Shanahan started QB Trey Lance in their first preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders. There are a lot questions in San Francisco over the starting quarterback position. Lance was supposed to take over from Jimmy Garoppolo after being drafted third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. He was named the starter for last year but his season got cut short due to injury.

After a not-so-great performance in the preseason opener, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky slammed the young quarterback claiming he cant play in HC Kyle Shanahan’s offense. “I don’t think Trey Lance can play in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. I’ve seen enough” Orlovsky said while appearing on the Get Up show on ESPN. “One, he doesn’t have enough reps playing football. That’s a reality. The ball doesn’t come out quick enough for Trey right now. The ball gets held so long for him right now and it hasn’t gotten better in the three years that he’s been in the NFL”


Trey Lance didn’t look comfortable to start the game as he and the 49ers went three-and-out in their first 3 drives. Lance had a touchdown but it was not the best of throws, as it bounced off of a Raiders defender and landed into the hands of 49ers tight end Ross Dwelley.

There are conspiracy theories floating around about Shanahan wanting Lance to fail so that he can start Brock Purdy on week 1. Those are some outrageous claims but if Lance wants that starting job, he will have to play better in the remaining preseason games than what he did on Sunday. The 49ers will take on the Denver Broncos this upcoming Sunday and the Los Angeles Chargers on August 26 in their remaining preseason games.

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Can Sam Darnold edge out Trey Lance as QB2 to start the season?

Trey Lance (L) and Sam Darnold (R)
Trey Lance (L) and Sam Darnold (R) (Image via Bleacher Report)

Trey Lance did not have a great game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday. Although the QBR may suggest that it was a good quarterback performance, the eye test said otherwise. Sam Darnold started the second half against the Raiders and looked much better.

He completed 5 of his 8 pass attempts for 84 yards. One could argue that Darnold, at this point, is a better quarterback than Trey Lance after looking at the first preseason game.

Brock Purdy is on pace to be the teams’ starting quarterback in week 1. He had elbow surgery this offseason but will be expected to suit up against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their week 1 matchup. Purdy will start as long as he is healthy but if Sunday’s performance is an indication of things to come, Darnold might have the edge over Lance for that QB2 position.


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