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“Watson claiming he has ‘no regrets’ even now”: Deshaun Watson’s disgusting response leads to another victim accusing him of misconduct

The Deshaun Watson saga just begins to deepen as today, another woman stepped up to accuse the already embattled quarterback of inappropriate sexual conduct bumping the total number of victims up to 23.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson just cannot seem to catch a break. The quarterback was facing 22 allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior, a grand jury did not find him guilty but he faces 22 civil lawsuits from the women, in addition to that, the NFL is conducting its own inquiry into this matter, it has been over a year since the league started its own proceedings. The NFL had earlier stated that the investigation is in its final stages and that we can expect a verdict in the upcoming month or two, however, we may have to wait for longer to get a result.

Another woman has filed a lawsuit against Watson, the Cleveland Browns quarterback now faces 23 total cases of misconduct. The lawsuit states that the plaintiff had her first massage session with Watson during the summer of 2020 and that his “behavior grew worse.” During the third and final massage session, she specifies that the quarterback exposed himself to her, toucher her between the legs, and “Repeatedly requested” her to have intercourse with him.

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HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” changed the woman’s mind and inspired her to come forward:

There is not visible end in sight for the Deshaun Watson saga

The woman initially did not want to sue Watson but after watching Ashley Solis and Kyla Hayes, two of the 22 victims in the initial lawsuit, appeared on the Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Show and spoke against the quarterback. They even criticized the Browns organization for offering him a $230 million guaranteed contract despite having knowledge about his legal troubles.

“It’s just like a big screw you,” Solis told HBO. Leah Graham, one of Watson’s attorneys made a statement telling that the QB has “no regrets because he did nothing wrong.” This seemed to be the tipping point for the 23rd victim as in her lawsuit, she makes the following statement.

“In that piece, the plaintiff was struck by the courage of the victims willing to step forward and speak and was extremely displeased by Watson and his legal team’s mistreatment and revictimization of the plaintiffs, but it was Watson himself claiming that even now he has ‘NO REGRETS’ and has done nothing wrong that solidified her resolve.”

The plaintiff went on to allege that the quarterback’s legal team attempted to contact her to determine if she was one among those who filed a civil suit against him and also they tried to ‘intimidate her.’ Rusty Hardin, the counsel for Watson released a statement later that day which says his client, “vehemently denies the allegations” of sexual misconduct and that “just as he has since she first discussed them with members of our firm in March of last year.” Hardin has also brushed the woman’s allegations of intimidation by lawyers aside calling them baseless.

Two grand juries in Texas chose to not pursue criminal charges against Deshaun, who denied he’s done anything wrong. The league office is investigating if there were any violations of the code of conduct policy and had interviewed him for the same as well. At the NFL’s spring meeting in Atlanta, commissioner Roger Goodell said he thinks the investigation is in its final stages and that there was no set timeline for when we can expect a ruling.

The Cleveland Browns did not make any statement after this news broke out, Tony Buzbee, the attorney for all 23 plaintiffs believes that this may not be the end, “other cases may come against” Watson. “The Watson defense team has vilified these women and this cause, Shame on them! We look forward to trying this case in court,” he said.

Just when we thought the end was near this happens, it is highly unlikely that we will get to see Watson start for the Browns in Week 1 of the upcoming season.

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