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“That’s more than a SLIP UP”: Chris Broussard blasts Myles Garrett for his irresponsible comments about Deshaun Watson

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Myles Garrett's response to the Deshaun Watson fiasco and believe that he should have answered the question better

By this point, we are all familiar with the debacle that is faced by Deshaun Watson and how grim his situation is as of now, the quarterback’s availability for this season is in question and the cases appear to keep on piling up against him. This uncertainty and doubt over Watson’s behavior and personality have put his teammates in a tough spot. The Cleveland Browns members are asked one question at least regarding Watson and they have to answer it in a diplomatic manner given how fragile the matter is.

The latest member of the team to be asked a question about Watson was Myles Garrett, he was asked about Watson and what he thinks of the entire situation, “I don’t know what happened, “You don’t know what happened. No one in this room really knows what happened, other than the people that were involved. I can’t move one way or another based on hearsay. So I just move with the character and the man I know from day to day. And that’s a good guy from what I’ve seen,” Garrett stated, he did not offend Deshaun nor did he brush aside the claims of the victims.

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“I think he handled that question the right way”: Chris Broussard on Myles Garrett’s response

Myles Garrett did not betray Deshaun Watson nor did he support him in his latest comments

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker spoke about Myles Garrett’s situation in their podcast, Chris thinks Garrett answered the question properly but made one major blunder. “I think that he handled the question the right way, the one thing I would disagree with on him in this quote is where he said, ‘Whether he had a slip-up or not.’ If he is guilty of the allegations, that’s more than a slip-up.”

It makes sense clearly that over 23 women have accused him of the same conduct, this indicates a pattern of behavior so if he turns out to be guilty, it is not a mistake or something that just happened once or twice. It happened over and over again. “I think he handled it well, I think he did not condemn a teammate and he didn’t like completely belittle the allegations, if he did the latter, that would be out of bounds.” Broussard appreciates Garrett not taking a side and sticking to his teammate.

Garett spoke about Deshaun in a strict football sense and spoke like he was talking about another professional. He did not take shots and did not leave room for unnecessary ambiguity or any of that. Considering that these allegations are serious and the victims’ lives have been changed due to it, brushing them aside would also be wrong.

Watson’s case is still being looked into by the NFL and considering two new cases have surfaced against him, it is likely to take more time before we reach any sort of solid conclusion.

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