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It’s raining lawsuits for Deshaun Watson as two additional cases bring the total allegations of sexual misconduct against the QB up to 24

Deshaun Watson appears to be getting more and more into trouble as after a 23rd woman stepped up to accuse him of sexual misconduct, as per reports, another woman is also preparing to sue him for the same

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson may not be available to play this upcoming season and here is why. Yesterday we covered the story of a 23rd case being filed against the quarterback with respect to sexual misconduct, the victim cited the reason that the HBO documentary and the fact that Watson still publicly claims that he has “no regrets” on his behaviour encouraged her to come forward and file a suit against him. Just when we thought that was the last of all cases, a new report claims that a 24th lawsuit is in the works…

This has to be frustrating for not only Watson but also the NFL and the Cleveland Browns, the league office has been investigating the quarterback for nearly a year no and the fact that they were almost done with the entire investigation and were in the final stages until two new victims filed cases against Watson is likely to further delay the conclusion of their investigation. The Browns on the other hand offered him a $230 million guaranteed long term contract, which could end up being one of the best risks that they have ever taken or the worst as nobody knows when Watson will be eligible to play.

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Deshaun Watson will deny all the allegations:

Deshaun Watson

As expected Deshaun Watson’s attorney has stated that Watson will deny all the allegations like he has done from the start but the fact that the total number of cases will go up to 24 is crazy. The cousel for Watson want to make Tony Buzbee, the counsel for the 24 women the focal point of all attention by stating that all these cases are embellished, exaggerated and quite possibly even fabricated. This makes it harder for the attorney if he has 24 women claiming things that never happened. Sooner or later one or more of them will end up slipping which will completely destroy their case. There is a possibility that some of them thought that it was going to be a quick and easy payday as with athletes and celebrities, they want to shut any case down as quick as possible by offering up large sums of money. This time it’s taking too long and all of them “didn’t sign up for this,” but a positive for Buzbee is that none of his clients have indicated or given a clue of slipping up while they were being cross-examined in court or by the NFL.

There are some weaknesses in certain claims made by the plaintiffs, however, there are 24 people making those claims. As a rational person, you cannot deny and reject all these allegations. If you want to think of it as a conspiracy then you can do so but give credits to Tony Buzbee for being a clever man who has engineered a flawless conspiracy. It has been 15 months and since there is no hint that this was all just made up, we have to understand that these women are being honest.

The plaintiffs could win all 24 cases but if they all go to trial we cannot guarantee what will happen. The possibility of winning all 24 cases is bleak but if some cases out of the 24 are also won, it could result in a domino effect.

The Cleveland Browns organization is extremely stressed about this situation and many of Watson’s fans and his new teammates are not the most comfortable with these allegations looming around either. They are all defending the quarterback but what other option do they have?

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