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Deshaun Watson faces a year long suspension from the NFL

The NFL has officially concluded its year-long investigation into Deshaun Watson and as per reports, the quarterback faces suspension for a year

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson‘s saga may finally be coming to an end. After an investigation that spanned over a year, the NFL has concluded its probe and has reportedly come to a solid conclusion over how to punish the QB. Watson faces over 23 lawsuits of alleged sexual misconduct with massage therapists. The QB was held not guilty by two juries but he still faces civil lawsuits. The league office established a team that spoke to Deshaun, some of the 23 victims, and has now recorded its findings. They have not been made public yet.

The league office has been under immense pressure for a long time from all the parties that have an interest in the matter. The Cleveland Browns organization, Watson himself, the victims, and the public have all been eagerly waiting to see how the QB is punished. This case is unique as it not only shows the league’s stance against extreme cases of misconduct but it will also serve as a precedent for similar situations that may arise in the near future.

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NFL Insiders hint at a guaranteed suspension for an entire year:

Deshaun Watson’s suspension for an entire year comes as a big blow to the Cleveland Browns

Going by the latest reports, the NFL has concluded its investigation, the next step is the appointment of an arbitrator who will look at all the findings and then arrive at a conclusion and determine the quantum of punishment for Watson. The QB then reserves the right to appeal this punishment in which case, the Commissioner will step in and make a decision. However, in this case, given the amount of public interest involved it is highly doubtful that Roger Goodell will side with Watson and overrule the arbitrator’s decision.

The NFL has also been receiving flak from all sides due to its handling of multiple social issues such as the appointment of black coaches, the leaked emails of Jon Gruden, and the possibility of the Commissioner also being involved in those matters, and then there’s the cherry on top, the case filed against the league by Brian Flores for discrimination in hiring practices.

As Deshaun and his team wait on the NFL’s next steps, the Cleveland Browns are in a state of uncertainty as they have taken a big bet by acquiring the QB at the very first shot they got. The Miami Dolphins also had significant interest in acquiring Watson but they wanted all the cases to be solved before they had anything to do with him.

The latest report comes from Nick Adams who has stated that the punishment will be suspended for an entire year, the arbitrator has already made a decision and this will be made public very soon.

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