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“Wait and watch”: Harris County District attorney indirectly accuses Deshaun Watson of being guilty

Deshaun Watson's attorney Rusty Hardin may have pulled a lot of strings in order to get past the Grand Jury trials, however, Harris County DA Kim Ogg claims that the quarterback is not off the hook yet

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson recently gave a press conference where he appeared in front of the media after a long time. The quarterback for the Cleveland Browns stuck to his stance throughout the conference claiming innocence and not having any malicious intent. The 26 women accusing him of sexual misconduct and assault say otherwise but Watson’s response does not come as a surprise, with a well-seasoned attorney in Rusty Hardin, he was likely grilled for a minimum of 5-6 hours a day prior as to what he should tell and what he should refrain from stating.

Hardin has attracted a lot of attention towards himself lately. The high-profile attorney who is no stranger to representing athletes and celebrities kept a constant line of communication open with the Harris County District Attorney’s office during the course of the Grand Jury trials. Remember that Watson was acquitted by both the Juries.

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Failing to meet the burden of proof does not amount to innocence:

Kim Ogg is reassuring the public that Watson will face the music for his actions

Recently Kim Ogg responded to the allegations made against the Harris County DA’s office and how it played a role in doing questionable things that are normally not done during the course of criminal proceedings. This led us all to believe that Rusty Hardin pulled some strings in order to make sure he was on top of all the developments that were going on in the case.

These allegations were brought to light by Jenny Vrentas of the New York Times. Ogg responded to all the allegations levied against her office recently and she also appeared on The Mike Meltser Podcast where she justified every move made by her.

“We respect our justice process. I love the law. It’s designed to get to the truth. That’s really what people want. I don’t think as a culture we can live with injustice. Remember, a grand jury no bull is not an exoneration. People, even when they clear the criminal justice system, often face accountability and repercussions in other parts of our legal system,” Ogg stated. She is referring to the narrative that though Watson got out scot-free from the criminal allegations he will face punishment for what he has done in the form of the civil lawsuits that are pending.

Deshaun Watson’s case count stands at 24 now, 2 more are likely in the line and may be filed soon. This is also excluding the punishment from the league. “I think to determine whether justice was done in this case you’re going to have to wait and see how it all comes out on the civil side of things and then through the NFL on the administrative side of things, and then people will determine whether that’s justice,” Kim Ogg concluded.

We cannot speak on what will happen in the civil cases but if Tony Buzbee, the attorney for the plaintiffs or the 24 women in this case wins a majority of them and is able to prove that the quarterback displayed a pattern of disturbing behavior then he has a better shot at winning the rest of them. In terms of the league punishment, the NFL suspended Calvin Ridley for an entire season because he bet $1500 on an Atlant Falcons game. If they hand out anything less than a year to Deshaun, they will face the wrath of the public.

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